Weight Loss Supplement Reviews Give You Ideas Of What Works Right

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downloadIf you’re ever looking for a way to keep your body healthy and likely to keep excess pounds from being an issue then it may be sensible to take a look at a good weight loss supplement. However, there are so many different supplements on the market that it can be a real challenge for anyone to figure out what the right option may be for one’s general health. Several standards have to be used in order to figure out what the right kind of supplement may be for your goals.

The thing about many of these weight loss products is that they tend to work quickly and effectively throughout the body. Many of these products are designed with the intention of suppressing the body’s appetite. This makes it so the user will feel filled throughout the day.

Also, many products can increase one’s energy. This is something to consider in a review but it’s especially important to see details in a review about what may be offered to improve one’s energy. The ingredients should be listed in a review to take a careful look at what products are included and if they are safe for the body. For instance, a review of Phentramin-D will find that it does not contain any products related to caffeine to keep the body energetic. Instead, it uses yohimbine, a common material that is organic in nature.

It’s especially critical to see in a review if a product has anything that’s artificial in nature. The problem with so many different products is that they are made with artificial items and fillers that are often dangerous to anyone’s body. The threat that comes with one’s body can prove to be a challenge to manage if these items are used. These can be risky and harmful unless they are controlled the right way.

The most critical thing to see when getting a weight loss supplement ready is to see that it’s one that will actually feel strong and provide the user with the right sense of control one wants to get out of a weight loss plan. A review should state that the product is able to support the body’s metabolic processes without creating more heat or agitating the body to a higher rate of function than what it may be used to handling.

Many Phentramin-D reviews at GeoLeaders.com can particularly state that the product uses materials similar to what’s in three separate supplements to help with improving the body’s metabolic functions, for instance. All products and reviews will vary but it’s best to see what is around in order to get an idea of how well something can be made.

Of course, you can also learn from reviews about how to work with certain supplements. These include rules relating to when something has to be taken and how much water is needed. This information is necessary as it can be easy for some products to be tough to manage unless a decent amount of water goes through the body.

There are also points to see with regards to how a product can be identical in functionality. A great product may be comparable to common items that are often found through prescriptions. These include such things as Phentermine and Adipex. The need to find something that is fully functional and actually able to work well for anyone’s body is critical.

It’s always a good idea to see what is open when trying to find good weight loss products. Reviews can give you ideas over what you can use when finding something that’s really attractive and good to spot.

An easy guide to Gaurantor Loans and PPI mis sell claims

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ppi claimsIn today’s challenging economic times if there is one thing that you need to understand, and make peace with, it is the fact that anybody can have a sudden need of money. If you are in need for money and banks are refusing your loan application due to low credit score or low income, you need not fret anymore. You can opt for a loan with a guarantor. Such loans are also known as guarantor loans.

These loans are fast and easy and can be disbursed within 48 hours of approval. These are hassle free as there are no credit checks made on the borrower. In addition, the borrower does not need to submit his or her wage slips or bank statements.

The reason why banks are generously giving out these loans is that these loans are backed by guarantors. These guarantors are friends or relatives of the borrower who agree to give a written guarantee to repay the loan in case of a default by the borrower. The guarantor should be someone with a good credit rating and a steady income. In some cases, they are required to own property.

The popularity of these loans is on the rise in UK as the number of people with low credit scores who are seeking loans is rising steadily. Since the risk of default is borne by the guarantor, the banks have no problem in liberally doling out these loans to people.

Another advantage of guarantor loans is that these typically have a larger lending capacity than payday loans as the income of the borrower is not checked.

You can apply for these loans online. You need to mention how much you intend to borrow and for how long you intend to borrow.

An add-on cover that is generally sold along with such unsecured financial loans is PPI or Payment Protection Insurance. This covers the repayment of the loan in case the borrower becomes redundant and is not able to make payments due to loss of income earning capacity. This could be due to illness, accident or disability. Though the PPI or Payment Protection Insurance cover may be useful for some, many a times this cover is added to the loan with the knowledge of the borrower.

The borrower ends up paying an additional cost for this cover with the right knowledge about it. In such cases, the borrower has the right to claim a PPI refund from the lender.

If you suspect that you have been mis sold a payment protection insurance cover or PPI do not shy away from filing a claim to recover your hard-earned money.

The claim procedure is simple and easy to understand and follow. You could file the claim or your own or take help from Claim Management Companies also known as CMCs.

These CMCs may charge you an upfront fee for their service. Some of these companies offer a no-win-no-fee arrangement wherein they charge you a predefined percentage as compensation that is charged only if you win your claim.

If you wish to file the claim on your own, the process is simple and straightforward. The first step is to write to the bank or the lender about the case of mis sell making a claim for refund. The bank needs to respond within eight weeks of the claim. In case the bank fails to do so or if you are not satisfied with the bank’s final response, you can write to the Financial Ombudsman Service to intervene in the matter. The Financial Ombudsman Service then looks into your claim and gives the final decision.

Inspirational Quotes invigorating all levels of health

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you only live onceThoughts become things. So having healthy thoughts can do much good to your health. Health however needs to be defined not just at the physical level but also at the social, mental, emotional as well as spiritual levels.

You need to be healthy at all planes to enjoy holistic health. If you lack health at a certain plane, it is bound to affect your health on other planes too. Therefore, if you are unhealthy at an emotional level and are facing certain emotional blocks or fear, it is bound to affect your physical health as well. E.g. some healers theorise that lack of communicative ability due to fear can lead to faulty thyroid in some people.

Here are a few inspirational quotes that talk about how all the planes of your health are interconnected.

  1. The wish for healing has always been half of health.- Lucius Annaeus Seneca
  1. Health is a large word.  It embraces not the body only, but the mind and spirit as well;…and not today’s pain or pleasure alone, but the whole being and outlook of a man. ~ James H. West
  1.  It takes more than just a good-looking body. You’ve got to have the heart and soul to go with it.-Epictetus
  1. Cheerfulness is the best promoter of health and is as friendly to the mind as to the body.-Joseph Addison
  1. I made a commitment to completely cut out drinking and anything that might hamper me from getting my mind and body together. And the floodgates of goodness have opened upon me – spiritually and financially.-Denzel Washington
  1. Health is a state of complete harmony of the body, mind and spirit. When one is free from physical disabilities and mental distractions, the gates of the soul open.”  ~B.K.S. Iyengar
  1. The root of all health is in the brain. The trunk of it is in emotion. The branches and leaves are the body. The flower of health blooms when all parts work together. ~Kurdish Saying

Here are a few healthy thoughts that can invigorate you can affect your health on all the four planes.

A few inspirational thought for Physical health

Your body hears everything your mind says.-Naomi Judd

The antidote, the solution and the remedy for success is a healthy body, a challenged mind and positive attitude!!- Ricardo Housham

A few inspirational thought for Mental and Emotional health

To keep the body in good health is a duty… otherwise we shall not be able to keep our mind strong and clear.

Give a man health and a course to steer, and he’ll never stop to trouble about whether he’s happy or not.- George Bernard Shaw

A few inspirational thought for Social health

My personal goals are to be happy, healthy and to be surrounded by loved ones. - Kiana Tom

Treasure the love you receive above all. It will survive long after your good health has vanished.- Og Mandino


A few inspirational thought for Spiritual health

I believe that if you’re healthy, you’re capable of doing everything. There’s no one else who can give you health but God, and by being healthy I believe that God is listening to me. - Pedro Martinez
A healthy body is a guest-chamber for the soul; a sick body is a prison. ~Francis Bacon

Do visit these quotes daily and make positive affirmations to attune your frequency towards holistic health. You ask and it shall be given. If you have the will to get healthy, half you job is done. The universe shall respond to your wish and give you way and means to get healthier as long as you are open to receiving. Visit TheHealthy.com motivational posts for more inspirational quotes.

Payday loan – the future does not look that bright

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paydayPayday loan is a loan where borrower takes a small amount of money typically ranging from $300 to $1500 and promises to pay back the full amount by the next paycheck date or salary date. This period is usually not more than two weeks and these are unsecured loans taken at very high interest rates. The interest rate charged on these loans are usually in a lump sum but some jurisdictions require the lending institution to state the interest rate in percentage called annual percentage rate (APR).

The APR of these kinds of loans can range from anywhere from 300 percent to 900 percent. However, in United States payday loans is a falling industry due to no legislation or regulatory body and high interest rates charged. In fact 13 states in United States including New York, New Jersey, North Carolina, West Virginia and others have made payday loans illegal. However, in 37 states payday loan is legal but is regulated by the state laws there. In these 37 states, there is a cap on what interest rate can be charged on the loan amount in terms of percentage.

Nevertheless, in few other states like Texas (TX), it is a legal activity and moreover there is no restriction on the interest rate charged. Texas also has the most number of people taking payday loans. About 8 percent people in the world are supposed to be using the payday loans against the national average of 5.5 percent. Since these loans are easy to get people in various cities are tempted to opt for these kinds of loans.

However, easy payday loan also turns into long-term debt burden for few people because of high interest rates and penalties charged on the borrowers. Around the whole country, the typical interest rate charged would be around $10 to $15 for every $100 borrowed. However, for TX payday loan for the same $100 the interest charged could be as high as $20-$25.

In the absence of any regulation, some lending companies are taking advantage of consumers to charge them illegitimate fees. About thousands of court, cases have been filed against these companies by various consumer boards to protect the right of consumers.

Moreover, most companies these days are operating as online companies from states like Texas to get maximum revenue from the customers. However, this is not the only thing plaguing the industry. The advent of online gives industry gives an advantage to some fraudulent companies to cheat innocent consumers by asking them for a fee before processing the loan, observably never to give any loan amount or return the fee. Additionally, the information like social security number and bank account information given by innocent customers is used by some fraudulent companies in the world of cyber crime. Moreover, there is no check mechanism to differentiate between a legal and illegal payday loan company.

The established big lending companies are also against the payday loan concept, and for mostly understandable reasons. These established and big banks take it negatively if their prospective borrower has previously indulged in a payday loan. Some banks also reject such cases and do not approve the loan to such people even if all the other documents are up to date and comply with the conditions. Some say the reason for resistance from big lending companies is that payday loan is giving stiff competition to these banks.  However, these banks argue that if a person takes a payday loan, it only shows his incapability to handle emergency of a few hundred dollars. Therefore, such people might be incapable to repay the big loan.

How to get a genuine Garcinia cambogia extract and what are the precautions?

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garcinia-before-afterGarcinia Cambogia of late has received a lot of attention from scientists, doctors and weight loss aspirants. The reason is that the fruit’s extract has a compound called Hydroxycitric Acid. So what’s Hydroxycitric Acid? Right, according to some researchers, HCA has the capability to double or triple your weight loss…. Like quite literally. And how does that happen? Well, this is because HCA works at weight reduction from two sides. One it increases the serotonin levels in your body, which alleviates your mood. This reduces the cortisol level in your body and therefore you have less craving for food. Secondly, HCA stops the new accumulation of fat by stopping an enzyme, which converts carbohydrates and sugar into fat. Therefore, not only do you eat lesser but also your old accumulated fat is burning faster.

Now these facts, if true and substantiated, are mind boggling since they can totally revolutionize the entire weight management industry. This is, however, not exactly a new research. In 1960s, HCA was first discovered in garcinia cambogia fruit. However, the fruit only gained popularity after Dr Oz promoted the fruit as a magic and revolution in the field of weight loss. Today many companies seeing this are manufacturing garcinia cambogia extract supplements. However, many of them are also fraudulent companies. Here are some ways to find a genuine pure garcinia cambogia extract in the market.

HCA 50 percent

This is the best way to find out a genuine company selling pure garcinia cambogia extract. When you check on the box in the ingredients section, you should see HCA (active ingredient) to be minimum 50 percent. If it is any lesser, then probably the brand is not interested in getting results for you. You will see it as either HCA 50% or GCE 50%. Moreover, it should be mixed with a salt like potassium. Thus, you may also be able to see it as HCAK 50%.

No fillers and No additives

A genuine brand will not have fillers and additives. This is important because HCA may not function well if mixed with any other compound.

Should not have a picture of Dr Oz

Even though, Dr Oz promotes pure garcinia cambogia extract, he does not do it for any monetary benefits. Therefore, he endorses no particular brand. Many brands try to use a picture of the doctor to sell the product to you. Stay away from such brands.

Here are some precautions, which you need to take when taking HCA compound supplement.

Pregnant mothers

If you are pregnant or are breastfeeding your child, do not take garcinia cambogia. The reasons for this are unknown but please avoid it.


Since HCA stops the craving for food, do not take the tablets as it may lower your blood sugar levels.


People suffering from Alzheimer’s or any mental dementia should not take these supplements as it may have a negative impact.

Maximum dosage

The maximum dosage of HCA should not be more than 3000 mg per day. You should ideally take 500-1000mg doses at once and only twice a day. For best results, take HCA 30 minutes to one hour before the meal and you should be empty stomach.

Side effects

If you experience any rashes on your body and get headaches and nausea, please immediately stop the intake of HCA and consult your physician.

Do not mix

It is not known how HCA reacts with other compounds. So if you are already taking some supplements or medication, please consult your physician before taking it. Moreover, do not smoke or consume alcohol during the course of taking HCA.

How to become a makeup artist in Australia?

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make up artistKnow your strength and weakness

If you want to become a makeup artist, your first step should be to know your own talent. Yes that, right there, is the basic starting point. As a make up artist, you do not only need to be creative but also have great interpersonal skills. Since you have to interact with people in this field, you should be able to express your ideas convincingly and be able to build a strong relationship with them. It is almost equally as important, if not more, than having the right talent. Moreover, a makeup artists should have a good understanding of the skin or cosmetology, have a good hand eye co-ordination and last but not the least be ready to work late hours.

Decide your career path

There are two ways you can design your career. One way is you can go to a beauty school and get a certification in cosmetology. After this, you can start interning as a trainee. The school mostly helps you to get an internship and a job. While at a job, you can understand your niche and move accordingly in the career path. Another way is to work for a retail cosmetic store behind a counter. Mostly they do not require your qualification. However, if you have a qualification it is better. Some of the good cosmetic brands also provide you with training in the field of makeup. In addition, this is a good place to build relationship with your prospective clients in the future. Makeup artist Brisbane, makeup artist Gold coast and makeup artists in other part of the world can take a VET (Vocational Education and Training) qualification in makeup services, beauty services or cosmetology.

Know your niche

As a makeup artist, you should know your niche early in your career path. There are various career paths to choose. You can choose to become a TV artist or bridal makeup artist or a fashion makeup artist. You should choose the path based on your needs and your passion. A fashion or a TV makeup artist may be paid more but it is difficult to get the right break. On the other hand, bridal make up can start paying you almost instantly and regularly but it takes a lot of time and effort to make a niche in this area.

Practice as much as you can

Just like any other field, you should practice here also if you want to become a successful makeup artist and create your own name in the market. Just as an artist requires a canvas, you would need a face to practice your makeup. Offer to do makeup for your friends as much as you can. Try to work on different skin types and textures. Also, try out different cosmetics in the market in order to patronize with the brand of your choice. Most professional make up artists usually stick to one brand to get consistent results.

Make a portfolio

Making a portfolio is a very important step. You do not have to find a professional model for this. Try to find a face and skin type, which suits your style of makeup. You can hire a professional photographer if the budget allows you or invest in a high quality camera. A picture can be the deciding factor on how the portfolio looks.


If you want to be an established makeup artist, you should have a good network. You can do that by taking help of various social media platforms and blogs to display your talent. Even though it can be a painstaking job but if you do it consistently, you are bound to get some fruitful results.

Dating suggestion for men

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datingWhen you are going out for a date there are more things that can go wrong than the things that can go right. Of course you don’t need a PHD on dating but it is better to know a few things than to make a mess of the time which otherwise could have been beautiful. If you are in a mature relationship you don’t need any tips but when it is about the first date you may need to be a little careful. Whether you are dating hot women or beautiful women or both, here are some tips you can use.

Don’t leave the manners at home

First of all, don’t misunderstand this. You don’t have to be Mr. Perfect and you don’t have to fake things up. But women not only expect some etiquettes and chivalry, they deserve it as well. So be a gentleman. Open the car gates, show her through the doors, pull her the chair and help her take off her coat if she is wearing one. This doesn’t show you are submissive. It only shows you are a gentleman. Just to check how well your date is going, lean forward towards her while she speaks. If she leans back uncomfortably, the date is perhaps not on the right track. If she stays, it means she is pretty comfortable with you. Remember not to lean forward too much to get “kiss” close to her.

Stay confident

You could be a little edgy on the first date and it is expected. But you don’t really have to show it up. While you act chivalrous, do it with an air of confidence without appearing meek or submissive. But don’t go overboard with your confidence. Don’t start playing hard to get. In fact, stay friendly and let her be comfortable with you.  When there is something you need to talk about select the topics you are comfortable at. If she starts a conversation with a topic you know nothing about, confidently tell her you have no knowledge of it. You are not expected to be an Einstein on your first date. If you want her to be comfortable first you become comfortable with yourself.

Don’t get too formal

If you had to stay formal, you better had been at work and not at a date. Relax and be yourself. If you are not an A grader in table manners it doesn’t matter. You don’t have to use the knife and fork to impress your date. And if it’s your table manners which decide whether your relationship grows or not, you better walk out of that date. Be comfortable, make her comfortable, and drop all your pretensions. If both of you are at loss of words, laugh it off by casually admitting it. Relations do not start on pretensions and it’s better both of you know the real side of each other.

Don’t forget to look good

Dressing up in your best and looking your best on a date is not a show off. To a woman it could also mean you are taking the date and her seriously. So don’t give her an impression that you don’t care much about the date and it is okay if you look like a dud. Would you dress up the same way for an important client meeting?

Don’t look around too much

The lady with you on the date deserves your attention. You can’t be looking around and appreciating the décor or other women. Stay focused on her all the time. Look into her eyes while talking to her but don’t overdo with eye contact as it may seem intimidating. And don’t order food on her behalf. Ask her what she would like to have.

Binary Options Trading – Advantages and Tips

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capital optionsBinary options trading, as the name suggests, is the trading option where you either get a payout or you don’t get anything at all. Due to this simplicity, it is relatively easier to understand binary trading than any other type of traditional trading. Many times you will come across binary trading named as something else. They are sometimes called digital options and capitaloptions.

Binary options trading, just like European options is cash settled. Which means you can exercise them only at the time of expiration and not before. There are two possible outcomes of this type of trading: in-the-money or out-of-the-money. If the result is in-the-money you receive the returns in the form of money as specified in the trading details. If the result is out-of-the-money, you don’t get any returns. There is either a gain or a loss. Although this trading option may sound like ‘nothing or all’, you may still get some amount of payout even if the trading result is out-of-the-money at the time of the expiration. You can learn more about binary trading options and actually do the trading at http://www.capitaloption.com.

Advantages of binary options trading

-          Binary options are much simpler to comprehend and trade because they have only two possible outcomes. You only need to understand in which direction the price movement of the assets is happening. In traditional trading you not only need to understand which direction the price movement is happening, you must also be aware of the enormity of the price movement.


-          The ratio of risk and gain is controlled in binary options trading. This means the amount of risk you take pre-determines the amount of gain you will get. With traditional trading there are no such boundaries and therefore there is no limit either to the risks as well as to the rewards.


-          You can apply almost all the possible strategies which are applied in traditional trading.


-          You get the flexibility in terms of investment as the binary trading option duration is also flexible. Some trading options may last for a day while others may last for two to three months.


Some tips on binary trading

-          Get a broker if you have to. Binary option is easy to trade but you may still need help especially if you are a new trader. Getting a broker could be a good idea. But you need to make sure you get a good broker. There are several websites which offer you access to some of the best brokers.

-          Do not rely completely on your broker. It is pointless paying their fees for a long time if you can yourself become an expert like them. Trading is also a lot about instincts. It is always better to rely on your personal instincts than someone else’s instincts. You may join a training class on binary trading offered by various organizations or you can get yourself informed through books. It is also a good idea to stay connected with the existing traders who are already doing well in the binary options trading market.

Initial gains could tempt you into pumping in a lot of money at one go. Never do that. It could be the beginner’s luck. If you are a new trader first give yourself some time in getting acquainted with the process and strategies. Once you have completely understood what this trading entails you can start investing in increments. Remember that trading market is always evolving and there is no time when you can claim to have learned it all. So always keep your eyes and ears open to any updates, changes, market shifts, and ups and downs.

What’s the Best Home Security System?

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home securityWith the means the humankind is these days, it isn’t any doubt that citizens want to close up off their houses from the criminals in the disguise of common man. There isn’t any house or neighborhood left wherein crime hasn’t been reported of burglary or break-ins. Right from the poor colonies to the luxurious citadels, these intruders have placed their hands at the valuable possessions and taken away the favorite articles.

People have relatives and children that they have to to shelter from possible hurt and threat, and it isn’t going away or stopping you anytime shortly. That is the actual reason as to why it is vital that steps are taken by you to consider about a safety system. Most house systems are extremely efficient; it now all is dependent on the actual purpose you have been looking for apart from the personal needs. So, the question that arises is what’s the best home security system?

Here are several instructions that will assist you in figuring out what is the best home security system:

  1. You need to know the features that you are looking for. You need to understand on simple fact whether you are willing to pay any extra for getting extra features or are tempt with the ones you are getting such as flood lights? Do you actually feel that paying extra will bring extra and additional security? Always remember that quality is what should be your first choice. The life and security of family is priceless.
  2. You need to see that the system you have purchased must come with a warranty. This will help in making it replaced in case of a problem. Fake promises should also be ignored and they should be considered to be time waste and a mere piece of crap and wrong information. You can always pay attention to the security systems that don’t require a special and professional installation procedure. Again the question remain intact what is the best home security system? Costly need not be the best thing, but be sure before you make a purchase that you don’t bring in and end up with a cheap piece of equipment.
  3. The next thing you need to consider will be the size of your dwelling. It is only you who can answer questions such as would you like to cover the entire house or just the outdoor. Are there yards that will be requiring special attention or protection? Even the small houses will require protection and they aren’t safe either. Everyone desires a home fortification system, still if they aren’t a proud owner to many valuables. Perceptibly the superior your house is, the further more amount of defense will be required.
  4.  Everyone’s state is dissimilar. Some natives are checking for utmost protection, while the rest are merely interested in a partial amount. There are no ifs or buts’ and problems and thief’s don’t knock your door, therefore it is wise to be safe. Hence again what is the best home security system? It is only you who can decide.

People forever inquire this question on what is the best security system, though, the answer is it varies from person to person and their individual needs. The bottom line is that you need to be secure and hence install the safety security systems for the same. Therefore your security very much lies in your own hands and you will be responsible for the outcomes in future. So, be very careful and chose wisely, because it’s definitely about the home but it’s almost about the more important stuff: people that live in that home.

Some facts about credit repair

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credit repair companiesEver since the economic bubble burst a few years ago, the economy has been on a slow up and down trend that has badly affected many people. There’s been job cuts all across, austerity measures put in place and a lot of stimuli coming in picture.

If you have been relying on certain financial practices to make ends meet, you are probably feeling the strain already as the economy becomes more buoyant. Generally if you want to live with bad credit especially in a place like America you will experience a lot of hardship. This is what should drive you to see if you can get credit repair.

When you have a sound financial status, your bank and other financial servicing institutions will be able to wok with you because you are considered as capable of servicing your debts. These institutions are at this time willing to extend credit to you so that you can be able to fulfill other obligations that you may have. For instance you may want to get some financing for a car or house and when your bank looks at your credit report to asses if you have the capability to repay the loan, they will give you the loan based on how sound or healthy this report shows you are. However should you default in repayment or if a financial malpractice is noticed in your report your credit score is negatively affected and hence you cannot get any credit from these institutions in future.

One of the obvious things that you can do when you get into such a situation is to seek credit repair. Companies are now available to offer both legal and financial services to help you repair your creditworthy and improve your score. It is only after your score has been improved that you can be able to get credit again.

One of the main reasons that you need to repair your credit is that this will restore a lifeline to your borrowing privileges. A positive credit status means you can easily borrow money whenever you want. Generally the road to a positive credit status demands a number of self managed financial practices.

Generally should you be already having an unhealthy credit status it is time you started the credit repair process by yourself. Most of the time what the credit repair companies will do is what you can still do on your own as along as you purpose to maintain some discipline. When you know that your credit report has all the mistakes you need to access it and take time to scrutinize it. In this way you will definitely identify where it all began to go wrong.

One of the ways you can access your credit report is to place an order at a fee. Typically your report will come as a three in one in which case you can be able to evaluate each transaction and reconcile your general financial picture. The three in one credit report gives you a chance to do a comparison and is worthy when you choose to do a credit repair by yourself.

Furthermore getting the credit reports from three different credit bureaus helps you to get a clearer picture of the situation you are looking at because some of your creditors may have filed a report with only one of the three credit bureaus. Since it is policy that such information is not shared, getting a complete picture requires that you get the three reports combined into one. You will make a copy and post the others the credit bureaus whenever you want to highlight any disputes.